Users of Partage Plus and Europeana

The Art Nouveau style was a great success all over Europe at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th
centuries. It is well represented, in almost every art form, in museum collections, archives, libraries, photographic archives, and on buildings throughout Europe. After a short period of disinterest, with the arrival of modernist styles, it seems that Art Nouveau is now even more popular than ever. Because of this Partage Plus can count on an immense interest from a range of specialists, and from the public in general, who wish to know more about the masterful creations in this imaginative style.

The objects, paintings, drawings, and sculptures from that period are now appreciated for the masterpieces of craftsmanship and originality they are. Furthermore Art Nouveau monuments are now recognized by UNESCO on their World Heritage List as significant contributions to cultural heritage.
The target user groups for Art Nouveau-related digital material are:

  • Curators of Art Nouveau;
  • Communities interested in Art Nouveau in their area;
  • Private sector including: collectors, dealers, and relevant publishers;
  • Education sector;
  • Media;
  • Academic researchers.

The Partage Plus website will act as the hub for meeting our users’ needs and provide users with the opportunity to:

  • Gather information about the Art Nouveau style;
  • Experience Art Nouveau works online through Europeana;
  • Visit institutions with Art Nouveau collections;
  • Take part in Partage Plus-related events.