Design museum Gent (DmG), BE

The Design museum Gent is a cultural institution of the City of Gent. Since January 1999 the museum has been recognized by the Ministry of the Flemish Community in the highest category. Next to the important financing by the city of Gent, other resources are subsidies by Ministry of the Flemish Community and the Province of East-Flanders. The museum is unique in Belgium. The accent in the collections and exhibitions lies on 20th century and actual design.

The origins of the Design museum Gent lie in the 'Association of Industrial and Decorative Arts', founded in Ghent in 1903. It was first housed in the Academy of Fine Arts in St. Margrietstraat. In 1922-23 the collection was moved to the Hotel de Coninck, which had been bought for the purpose by the City of Ghent. It was only in 1958 that the City of Ghent also acquired the guardianship of the collections themselves.

The Hotel de Coninck is an extremely impressive example of the characteristic Flemish bourgeois architecture of the 18th century. The application was made in 1754 by a certain De Brouwer, but it appears from an inscription in the J.F. Allaert room that by 1761 the house was already in the possession of F. de Coninck.

On entering the museum one is immersed in the world of a rich, 18th-century Ghent family. The drawing rooms with authentic parquet floors and panelled walls and ceilings are adorned with a wealth of period furniture.

The new extension to the Design museum Gent was officially opened in May 1992. It was designed by the architect Willy Verstraete. The unique pieces that have been patiently collected and preserved since the mid-seventies can now finally be exhibited.
This new section of the museum is in itself a sight worth seeing. The 18th-century facade facing the inner courtyard has been completely restored. Behind it there is a light and airy modern building. The one brilliant invention is a huge hydraulic lift in the central section of the building. This makes the floors adaptable. The possibilities for the involvement of visitors in an exciting play of changing levels are almost unique.

Role in the Partage Plus project: The Design museum Gent will provide around 540 digitised objects - of which ca. 100 are in 3D - of Art Nouveau furniture , ceramics, glass and silverware from Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands.