Collections Trust (CT), UK

The Collections Trust are an independent UK-based charity with an international profile who help cultural organisations unlock the potential in their collections. They encourage the public right to access and engage with collections by promoting best practice, innovation and representing the interests of the cultural sector. With over 30 years of experience, the Collections Trust are at the forefront of expertise on cultural collections management and the cultural digital agenda in the UK. The Collections Trust works in partnership with a wide range of organisations both nationally and internationally, including museums, libraries, archives, higher education institutions and government agencies. They have links with a large number of cultural heritage organisations including the Arts Council for England, Museums Galleries Scotland, UKOLN, ICOM-CIDOC, Getty, CHIN, the Collections Australia Network, and the DEN Foundation.

In addition to the Collections Trust's flagship programmes, ‘Culture Grid’ and ‘Collections Link’, they are involved in many programmes in the field of cultural management, digital heritage, and digital libraries. They have been involved in the coordination of the European Commission funded European Museums Information Institute and the EMII‐DCF programmes and led two work packages in Europeana group projects: ‘Europeana Local’ and ‘ATHENA’. They currently coordinate the ‘ENUMERATE’ and ‘Europeana Inside’ projects, and are work package leaders in ‘Linked Heritage’. Other current projects include collaborating with culture sector organisations to aggregate Cultural Olympiad content through the "Culture Grid".


Role in the Partage Plus project: Collections Trust are the coordinators of Partage Plus and the leader of Work Package 5 (Project Management and Coordination).’