Camara Municipal de Aveiro (MCA), PT

The Aveiro City Museum is a multicenter territory museum that is managed through the municipality. The museum's objective is to study all aspects of the city of Aveiro in a diachronic fashion and to present it to the public through educational services, activities, exhibition and specialised guided tours to the city. The museum also focuses on the analysis of two things very concerned wit Aveiro's identity: salt production and its Art Nouveau heritage.

The city's Art Nouveau heritage can be seen in a museum housed in the former Marió Belmonte Pessoa residence; one of the most emblematic Art Nouveau buildings. The Art Nouveau Museum of Aveiro was inaugurated in March 2012. MCA is also renowed for its extensive collection of photographic  documentation of the city development.

Part of MCA's collection is the photographic archive "Imagoteca", with around 10.000 prints and negatives. This collection is currently being digitised with the support of a national programme managed through Fundacao Calouste Gulbenkian.

Role in the Partage Plus project: MCA will digitise 130 drawings and graphic works of Art Nouveau buildings in Aveiro by Francisco Silva Rocha, Jaime Inácio dos Santos and José de Pinho. Moreover, 2500 photographic images of Portugese Art Nouveau tiles and 300 images of Art Nouveau buildings in Aveiro focusing on details will be contributed to the Europeana.