Ethniko Metsovio Polytechnio (NTUA), GR

The National Technical University (NTUA) is the oldest and most prestigious educational institution of Greece in the field of technology, and has contributed unceasingly to the country's scientific, technical and economic development since its foundation in 1836. It is closely linked with Greece's struggle for independence, democracy and social progress. In Greek, NTUA is called the "Ethnicon Metsovion Polytechnion" which stands for National Metsovion Polytechnic. It was named "Metsovion" to honor the donors and benefactors Nikolaos Stournaris, Eleni Tositsa, Michail Tositsas and Georgios Averof, all from Metsovo, a small town in the region of Epirus, who made substantial donations in the last half of the 19th century.

The Image, Video and Intelligent Multimedia Systems Lab (IVML) was established in 1988, as one of the Laboratories of the School of Computer and Electrical Engineering and of the Computer and Communication Systems (ICCS) of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in Greece. The members of the lab are active members of the research community having published more than 100 journal articles and 200 international conference contributions.

The most important areas of R&D activities performed by IVML include:

Knowledge based multimedia analysis, E-learning applications, semantic web technologies and knowledge representation, uncertainly modelling, artificial neural networks, fuzzy and neurofuzzy technologies, content-based semantic multimedia content serach retrieval, metadata standards and interoperability, etc.

Role in the Partage Plus project: NTUA is a technical partner and leader of Work Package 2 (Production and Delivery to Europeana).