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From 24 May 2013 - "Masters of Art Nouveau in the Collection of the Museum of Applied Arts", Budapest, Hungary

The exhibition of the Art Nouveau collection of the Museum of Applied Arts, which met with success in the Musei Capitolini in Rome this spring, is on display in Budapest from 24 May, 2013. The Museum’s Art Nouveau collection is of great importance. The planned acquisition already started on the occasion of the Paris Universal Exposition 1889 and reached its summit at the Paris Universal Exposition 1900. The museum obtained notable pieces, such as the glassware of the Tiffany company that is in a class of its own today, the most beautiful works of the German Jugendstil, the tapestries of the Scherrebek weaving school based on the designs of Otto Eckman as well as Danish and Swedish porcelains.



From 11 June 2013 - "Interiors del Modernisme – Gaspar Homar i Joan Busquets", Museu Nacional d’ Art de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain

The quest for beauty, utility, comfort and a certain degree of exhibitionist luxury is essential during Modernisme, and it materializes in the interiors of bourgeois dwellings. Together with the architects, the cabinetmakers and interior decorators are the fashionable new professionals that enjoy the commissions of the bourgeoisie, and they are given the task of furnishing and decorating houses, mirroring tastes and the new ways of living.
Outstanding among them are Gaspar Homar and Joan Busquets, by whom the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya conserves a notable collection of objects and furniture.


  • September 2013 - "Treasures of Art Nouveau from UPM collections", UPM, Municipal House Prague, Czech Republic


17 September 2013 - "Vienna 1900 / Stage 2", MAK, Austria

The contents of this permanent collection display reflect that in the arts and crafts of Vienna circa 1900, as in the rest of the Western world, modern people were searching for new objects that formally expressed their needs. This narrative of formal-aesthetic identity-building, and its assessment, is set against an extended time frame from 1890 to 1938 in order to facilitate the understanding of cause and consequence.


1 November 2013 - 31 December 2015 - "Vital Art Nouveau 1900", UPM, Municipal House, Prague

The exhibition to be held in the Municipal House in Prague will present a selection of the most outstanding works of Czech and European Art Nouveau art from the holdings of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague. The exhibition is intended to show the Art Nouveau arts and crafts as part of the ground-breaking, forward-looking trends and emancipation efforts that evolved in the late 19th century, as a reformist art movement that strove for “the multiplication and intensification of life”. The display will therefore explore the Art Nouveau aesthetic both in terms of modern artist designers' creative ambitions and the new zest for life that swept society as a whole. 


14 February 2014 - 14 December 2014 - "Sense and Sensuality: Art Nouveau 1890-1914", Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, UK

In this major exploration of the Art Nouveau style, works from the collection of Gretha Arwas and Anderson Collections, among others, will explore the sensual and psychologically intense nature of the style and the period. The exhibition marks the initiation of a collaboration between the Centre and Gretha Arwas, which will lead to the creation of a Foundation dedicated to the study and presentation of Art Nouveau.