The project will create an access point to information (through the project website) and digital content (through Europeana) on the European cultural heritage of the Art Nouveau period. Furthermore, Partage Plus will provide a means and a structure for the digitisation of content from different domains and different countries and making it available to users of Europeana. It will also use existing Art Nouveau in Europeana and encourage others with relevant collections to do the same.

This amount of content represents a significant increase in the quantity of Art Nouveau content available on the Web. Within the scope of Partage Plus grand masterpieces of the Art Nouveau period as well as outstanding examples from the collections of the collaborating institutions will be made accessible to our users. Moreover, the diversity of objects and styles in the different European countries will proof the immense versatility and complexity of Art Nouveau. Because of this Partage Plus can count on an immense interest from a range of specialists, and from the public in general, who wish to know more about the masterful creations in this imaginative style.