1st Art Nouveau World Day

The Museum of Applied Arts in Budapest (IMM) is organizing the Art Nouveau World Day in 2013 in cooperation with Szecessziós Magazin (Art Nouveau Magazine). The date selected is June 10, the anniversary of both Antonio Gaudi and Ödön Lechner – two charismatic architects of the movement, from two edges of the Europe.

Most events organized in connection with the Art Nouveau World Day will take place on the weekend before this date, on June 8-9th. The World Day is organized in connection with the Partage Plus project, which is a European project aimed at digitizing Art Nouveau objects.

The Art Nouveau movement, its community-building effort and the totality of its ideas sets an example for us in the 21st century as well. Therefore, we invite you to participate in the Art Nouveau World Day, with lectures, presentations, performances, exhibitions, guided tours and publications. We welcome all joining participants to the programme.


  • IMM, Hungary: Two public lectures about Art Nouveau objects in the collection, guided tours in the current, Art Nouveau themed exhibitions, as well as a tour of Art Nouveau architecture in Budapest
  • NBA, Finland: June 3 - 14, "Art Nouveuau / Jugend –book exhibition", June 8, Guided tours about Art Nouveau at the Hvitträsk museum
  • KK, Norway: June 6, opening of a new Art Nouveau exhibition in connection with the 10th anniversary of Jugendstilsenteret, special offers during the weekend
  • MCA, Portugal: "Partage Plus celebrates Art Nouveau Day!", Special guided tours through the Art Nouveau Museum and around the city of Aveiro
  • CT, United Kingdom: June 7-14, "Love Art Nouveau" Photo Campaign, The campaign will encourage people to take photographs of their local Art Nouveau architecture and upload them to a dedicated Flickr stream. These photos will be added to the Culture Grid and Europeana as part of the Partage Plus project
  • RÖRM, Sweden: "The Longing for a new Life", Exhibition of Swedish Art Nouveau ceramics, Guided tours in the exhibition
  • MUO, Croatia: June 10, "Art Nouveau Day in MUO", People are invited to bring their objects from the Art Nouveau period for expertise and discussion. The best items will be photographed and metadata created, Free guided tours of the permanent display with emphasis on Art Nouveau exhibits
  • MNAC, Spain: June 11, "Modernista interiors. Busquets' and Homar's designs", opening of the furniture and drawings exhibition
  • WWMF, Poland: June 8, Reconstruction of the interior of the so-called Children’s Room from the exhibition "Architecture and Interiors in Garden Surroundings " (Krakow, 1912) - the first show on the 100th anniversary
  • DMG, Belgium: June 8, "Inspired by Nature", workshop for children, June 9 ,„Art Nouveau, a style with various names and different faces”, guided tour
  • KMKG, Belgium: June 8, Guided tour about Art Nouveau
  • Institut Mathildenhöhe, Germany: June 16, "A rare stroke of good fortune" – Bernhard Hoetger’s Total Artwork on the Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt, Guided Tour of the Plane Tree Grove
  • NMW, Poland: June 14, „Portrait of the Scultor Konstanty Laszczka”, Presentation of newly aquired drawing of the sculptor Konstanty Laszczka by Antoni Kamieński
  • DM, The Netherlands: exhibition on Art and Applied Art 1885-1935 & Scouting expedition for children through the exhibition