The International Centre for Information Management System, Services (ICIMSS), PL

Stowarzyszenie Miedzynarodowe Centrum Zarzadzania Informacja - The International Centre for Information Management System, Services (ICIMSS), Poland is a scientific association established by 62 members from over 20 countries. Its activities are oriented into information, education, and culture. ICIMSS goals also include promotion of intercultural communication and research. ICIMSS participates in a wide selection of projects, including the EC funded projects such as: TEMPUS: training for local administration in ICT; EXPLOIT – support for specialists from memory institutions; DEDICATE – distance learning courses in information awareness; CULTIVATE - cooperation between cultural heritage institutions such as archives, libraries and museums, DELOS – digital library issues; MINERVA – coordinating digitisation in Europe; EURIDICE – pictures bank creation for distance learning courses; Training for the Stage – professional profiles in administration, management, and promotion of performed arts; – alternative reality educational games creation; MICHAEL – national registers of digital collections, CUSTODES – socio-economic value of cultural sites in the participating regions, ATHENA - a project which contributed to content provision to Europeana, and it’s followup Linked Heritage, as well as EuropeanaPhotography.