2nd Art Nouveau World Day


In 2014, the Museum of Applied Arts in Budapest is again organizing the Art Nouveau World Day, in cooperation with Szecessziós Magazin (Art Nouveau Magazine). The date selected is June 10, the anniversary of both Antonio Gaudi and Ödön Lechner – two charismatic architects of the movement, from two edges of Europe. 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the death of Ödön Lechner (June 10th). Most events organized in connection with the Art Nouveau World Day will take place on the weekend before this date, on June 7-8th, 2014. The World Day is organized in connection with the Partage Plus project, which is a European project aimed at digitizing Art Nouveau objects.

The Art Nouveau movement, its community-building effort and the totality of its ideas sets an example for us in the 21st century as well. Therefore, we invite all interested institutions to participate in Art Nouveau World Day, with lectures, presentations, performances, exhibitions, guided tours and publications. Hungarian events will be listed on the website of Szecessziós Magazin. International events will be listed on the website of the Partage Plus project.

Information about projects and events should be sent to the following address: info[at]partage-plus.eu.

To celebrate, Collections Trust and the University of Torun has made available the Art Nouveau edition of the Uncommon Culture which is free to download and contains journal articles about Europe’s Art Nouveau collections and heritage.



  • Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (KIK-IRPA) Belgium: Selection of Art Nouveau pictures on the main page of KIK-IRPA`s website, 9 -11 June 2014
  • Réseau Art Nouveau Network: Art Nouveau selfie contest, 10 June 2014, website and Facebook
  • Aveiro City Museum (MCA) Portugal: free entrance to the museum 7-8 June 2014 & in cooperation with Réseau Art Nouveau Network promotion of Art Nouveau World Day with a video
  • The International Centre for Information Management System, Services (ICIMSS), Poland: in cooperation with Best highschool Torun, opening of the new exhibition "Art Nouveau architecture from kujawsko- pomorskie region", lecture: "Art Nouveau as a cultural phenomenon", quiz and follow-up
  • Italia Liberty, Italy: Romagna Liberty in bicicletta - Highlights of Italian Liberty architecture by bike - "Cesena Tico, villa Pompili and other Liberty villas", 1 June 2014 | exhibition: "Romagna Liberty", Riccione, June, both events organized by Andrea Speziali
  • Museum of Applied Arts Budapest (IMM) Hungary: all Art Nouveau related exhibitions can be visited with a special price day-ticket,  French- and English-language guided tours in the exhibitions: The Bigot Pavilion – Art Nouveau Architectural Ceramics from Paris and Masters of Art Nouveau in the Collection of the Museum of Applied Arts, series of Art Nouveau themed lectures in Hungarian, 7 June 2014
  • Rörstrand Museum Lidköping (RörM) Sweden: free entrance to the permanent exhibition, which shows a lot of Art Nouveau gems, 10 June 2014
  • Musée Maxim's Paris: Art Nouveau exhibition "Collection 1900" open for Art Nouveau World Day 7-8 June 2014
  • Collections Trust (CT) UK: promotion of Art Nouveau World Day via Collections Link newsletter, in cooperation with the University of Torun (ICIMSS) making available the Partage Plus issue of Uncommon Culture (for download and in print)
  • Subotica Tourist Organization in cooperation with the City Museum, Modern Gallery "Artistic Encounters" and "Zavod za kulturu vojvodjanskih Jevreja Ltd", Subotica, Serbia: guided tour through 4 Art Nouveau buildings, free of charge & selfie contest "SecesIja - Art Nouveau and I", best photos will be published on the Subotica Tourism Organization official website, local Art Nouveau Facebook page and local Tourist organization Facebook page and will be awarded on 10 June, the book Art Nouveau in Subotica's Public Collections will be sold at a discount in Subotica City Musem on 10 June
  • The Association of Culture Institutions of Riga City Council; the Riga Art Nouveau Museum & the Réseau Art Nouveau Network, Latvia: opening of the travelling exhibition "The Nature of Art Nouveau" at St Peter's Church in Riga, 10 June 2014