Partage Plus Vocabulary

Partage Plus Vocabulary

The PARTAGE PLUS VOCABULARY is a structured multilingual controlled vocabulary. It consists of components for the enrichment of metadata created for cultural heritage objects relating to Art Nouveau aesthetic production encompassing the visual arts, crafts and architecture, - referencing to and mainly based on the Art & Architecture Thesaurus of the Getty Research Institue.

The controlled vocabulary contains 705 concepts represented by labels in 16 languages for the indexing of cultural heritage metadata, referring to object/work types; techniques; materials; actor roles and Art Nouveau style specific differentiation. Additional material - including the Partage Plus Authority list of Art Nouveau Creators - is available for download on the page listing deliverables and documents.

The vocabulary is available for free reuse. You can also download an overview (pdf) of the Partage Plus Vocabulary or browse the complete list of concepts online here.

Facet views (including hierarchical view):

Download the vocabularies: