MUO: 17th Seminar Archives, Libraries, Museums - Review

From 27th to 29th November the 17th Seminar Archives, Libraries, Museums was organised by the Croatian Museum Association (HMD). Among many prominent archivists, librarians, museologists, documentalists, curators, archaeologists, IT specialists, professors (university, high school and elementary school), and cultural heritage professionals from various museums and institutions, a member of the Partage Plus MUO team Iva Meštrović held a presentation about some of the terminology problems that occurred in Partage Plus, and are at the same time common to other EU projects. Accent was made on the importance of selecting the appropriate term in order for the object to be easily retrievable on Europeana. Iva Meštrović also made a poster that illustrated problems, compromises and achievements accomplished in cooperation with Partage Plus partners, as well as with other institutions in Croatia. The importance of digitalization was once again emphasized, along with the imperative need for developing a Croatian thesaurus for museums, as a basis for such projects.