Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague took part in Art Nouveau World Day

The Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague joined the celebrations of the 2nd Art Nouveau World Day with a fantastic program.
On this occasion, the museum prepared a program for teachers of elementary and secondary schools, accompanying the Vital Art Nouveau 1900 exhibition that features artworks from the museum’s collections. Between May 28 and June 4, 2014, more than seventy educators participated in the guided tours with the museum’s chief curator Radim Vondráček, PhD., specially prepared to make the best use of the exhibition’s potential. The tours focused on presenting an educational program to students based on their active, independent study of the related historical and cultural contexts and of the objects on display and their creators. The program includes a freely accessible application for mobile phones that presents the exhibition, as well as worksheets “How Does One Live in Art Nouveau Style” (retrievable from the museum’s website) and an interactive digital game for creating an Art Nouveau interior, available in the exhibition’s interactive area.

To mark the 2nd Art Nouveau World Day, a program has been developed entitled “A School Field Trip in Search of Prague’s Art Nouveau Architecture” that offers teachers comprehensive information on a visit to the exhibition and a stroll around outstanding Prague Art Nouveau monuments, including a map of the trail.

You can find  more information on the program’s individual events on the official website of UPM and on the facebook page Moje Secese.