Partage Plus 3D models on Europeana Labs

On Europeana Labs you can now find 19 new open datasets. Euroepana Labs provide for the opportunity to access good quality material that is available under an open license (CC-BY, CC-BY-SA), or in the Public Domain and can therefore be freely used without any restrictions. Users and developers can find high-quality content and use it in their creative works and applications without having to worry about copyright issues. In return the collection will be much more visible to a wider audience. Among this worry-free material are also 60 3D models of Art Nouveau objects provided by Manx National Heritage (Isle of Man)! What a great opportunity to have a look again at the superb material made accessible by the Partage Plus project!


Visit Europeana Labs to explore the collections.

Have a closer look at the 3D models of Art Nouveau objects provided by MANX.