MUO: 1st Croatian Documentalist Conference

From 23rd to 25th October "The 1st Croatian Documentalist Conference" was organised by the Croatian Museum Association. Among many prominent documentalists, archaeologists, curators and cultural heritage professionals from various museums and institutions, a member of the Partage Plus team (Petra Milovac) held a presentation about the ongoing Linked Heritage projects at MUO, Partage Plus and Athena Plus. At the conference, photography standards and terminology translated for Partage Plus were discussed, particularly problems of assigning metadata to bordering examples of items included in the project, and the importance of selecting the appropriate term in order for the object to be retrievable on Europeana. Petra presented the semantic differences between Croatian and English with examples of near/partial equivalence. This presentation once again raised an urgent question of developing a Croatian thesaurus of art terms, as a basis for such projects.