• 6 May, 2015

    National Museum Warsaw and Partage Plus project awarded with the Sybilla 2015 prize

    The National Museum Warsaw (MNW) received the Polish Sybilla 2015 award in the category "Best Digitisation Project" for the participation in the Partage Plus project. The international project kicked off in March 2012 with the aim of digitizing and 3D scanning more than 79.000 art works from the Art Nouveau period. All items were made available via the Euopeana platform and can be accessed under the following link. The Partage Plus team, composed of 25 partner institutions from all over Europe, feels immensely honoured by this award and thanks the organizers of Sybilla 2015 for this mention.

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  • 4 September, 2014

    Partage Plus 3D models on Europeana Labs

    On Europeana Labs you can now find 19 new open datasets. Euroepana Labs provide for the opportunity to access good quality material that is available under an open license (CC-BY, CC-BY-SA), or in the Public Domain and can therefore be freely used without any restrictions.

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  • 27 June, 2014

    Partage Plus on Europeana Professional Blog

    "Partage Plus makes Art Nouveau more accessible" Laura Miles from the Collections Trust (CT, UK) has written a text about the successful conclusion of the Partage Plus project for the Europeana Professional Blog.

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  • 26 June, 2014

    eCultureMap - Link to Europeana Knowledge

    We would like to draw your attention to the eCultureMap, a tool that allows us to locate cultural heritage objects on a single geographical knowledge map. The eCultureMap is the effort of the Europeana partners to visualize their cultural content on a map when ingesting their metadata to Europeana. The eCultureMap currently displays more than 2 million objects from several Europeana projects as are Athena, Carare, LinkedHeritage, AthenaPlus, Partage Plus and others.

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  • 17 June, 2014

    Art Nouveau World Day in Poland

    The Art Nouveau World Day celebrations in Poland were met with great enthusiasm on the part of visitors participating in the programme organized by ICIMSS in cooperation with the Best-highschool in Torun. About 150 young people took part in an Art Nouveau quiz; each good answer was awarded an issue of Uncommon Culture.

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  • 12 June, 2014

    The National Museum Warsaw joins Art Nouveau World Day celebrations

    The National Museum Warsaw, Poland joins in the Art Nouveau World Day celebrations with a presentation about Art Nouveau prints from their vast collection. The event will take place this Sunday, June 15 at 1pm. Piotr Czyż, Marcin Romeyko-Hurko and Ewa Frąckowiak will tell participants more about the Polish secesja movement of the late 19th and early 20th century.

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  • 11 June, 2014

    Art Nouveau World Day goes global

    On the facebook page of the Réseau Art Nouveau Network short videos and texts about Art Nouveau cities were posted in the frame of Art Nouveau World Day. That the Art Nouveau World Day became truly global is proved by the video made by participants from Havana, Cuba.

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  • 11 June, 2014

    Partage Plus newsletter is out now

    The latest edition of the Partage Plus newsletter is out now. The newsletter focuses on the successful finish of the Partage Plus projects and presents some of its highlights and achievements.

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  • 10 June, 2014

    Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague took part in Art Nouveau World Day

    The Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague joined the celebrations of the 2nd Art Nouveau World Day with a fantastic program. On this occasion, the museum prepared a program for teachers of elementary and secondary schools, accompanying the Vital Art Nouveau 1900 exhibition that features artworks from the museum’s collections.

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  • 7 June, 2014

    Belgium's art history in a single click

    The Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage in Brussels takes part in the Art Nouveau World Day by presenting a selection of Art Nouveau works from its photo library! To have a look, just visit the website of BALaT, Belgian Art Links and Tools - the search engine of KIK-IRPA's databases! Nearly 650 000 free downloadable photos are yours to explore.

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