• 15 January, 2013

    Partage Plus on the fast lane: Project member wins 1st prize

    We are proud to announce that for its successful and very informative poster about the Partage Plus project, Vesna Lovrić Plantić and Dunja Nekić from MUO Croatia were awarded first prize by a selection of peers during a conference in Poreč, Croatia, dealing with material and virtual culture.

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  • 7 January, 2013

    Local Press Release in Portuguese Media

    Recently, the Aveiro City Museum sent out a press release explaining the Partage Plus project and promoting its website. Following the press release, the local newspaper “Diário de Aveiro” requested more information about the project in order to publish a short article in the print edition of the newspaper.

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  • 11 December, 2012

    News Release in Finnish Media

    The National Board of Antiquities in Helsinki, Finland just recently published articles about the Partage Plus project and its aims in relevant online newspapers, such as the "Museoposti" and "Agricola-historiaverkko". Both information portals have several hundreds of readers. Additionally, links to the news articles were launched on the NBA's facebook pages and on the internal website. Thus, the awareness of the Partage Plus project in Finnish media and especially among the personnel of the National Board of Antiquities and museum professionals grew substantially.

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  • 28 November, 2012

    Exhibition: "Love and Time"

    With Christmas and the dark season just around the corner there is nothing better than to let in a feeling of snugness and warmth. The Wojciech Weiss Museum Foundation has just recently organized an exhibition titled "Love and Time" in the Tyszkiewicz palace in Zatrocze, Lithuania. If you are looking for romantic stories from the past and colourful memories in the form of paintings, textiles and decorations, it is high time to head to Lithuania this December!

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  • 27 November, 2012

    Europeana blog post - Preventing A Case of Mistaken Identity

    Europeana has written a new blog post about the project! To find out more about some interesting research done by the National Museum of Warsaw concerning a case of mistaken identity, visit europeana blog.

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  • 22 November, 2012

    Two presentations on the Partage Plus project in Prague

    In October and November the Uměleckoprůmyslové museum v Praze (UPM) gave two presentations on the topic of Art Nouveau and Jugendstil decorative arts. The lectures were intended to inform cultural heritage professionals, scholars, students, artists, museum visitors and colleagues about the mission of the Partage Plus project and Europeana.

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  • 21 November, 2012

    Presentation on the Partage Plus project at the British Museum

    On November 19th Katie Smith from Collections Trust delivered a presentation on the Partage Plus project during a conference to users of the MuseumIndex+ CMS at the British Museum. Among other things, the audience were engaged with the development of multi-lingual terminologies for Art Nouveau collections as well as the expertise of 3D scanning.

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  • 7 November, 2012

    Exhibition: Swedish Ceramics of the early 20th century

    Last Saturday the Rörstrand Museum launched a Partage Plus related exhibition dedicated to Swedish turn of the century ceramics. The delicate vases, vessels and sculptures are going to be on display from the 3rd of November 2012 until the end of February 2013.

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  • 27 October, 2012

    Art Nouveau on Europeana

    The Europeana database already contains Art Nouveau objects, as part of the millions of objects linked through the portal. A current search for "Art Nouveau" results in over 2000 images. There may be more relevant images in the system - but they may not be adequately labelled. Partage Plus will greatly increase this number, and will introduce objects to Europeana with a structured system of metadata, making search results more precise and relevant.

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  • 26 October, 2012

    Lecture - "School of Łopieński"

    On the 11th of October 2012 Piotr Czyż (MNW) held a lecture on the "School of Łopieński" during a conference entitled "Wielość w jedności. Techniki wklęsłodruku w Polsce po 1900 roku" (Multiplicity in Unity. Intaglio Techniques in Poland after 1900). Piotr was talking about etchers of the first two decades of the 20th century in Warsaw. Occasion for this lecture was the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the "Society of Friends of Graphic Arts" in Poland, which will be celebrated on the 9th of November 2012. If you want to find out more about Ignacy Łopieński and his circle, check out the Partage Plus Blog!

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