Exhibition MNAC: Gaspar Homar and Joan Busquets

In the frame of the Art Nouveau World Day the Museu Nacional d’ Art de Catalunya (MNAC) opened a new exhibition about Art Nouveau furniture designed by Gaspar Homar and Joan Busquets.

“Interiors del Modernisme – Gaspar Homar i Joan Busquets” from June 11, 2013 – Museu Nacional d’ Art de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain.

The quest for beauty, utility, comfort and a certain degree of exhibitionist luxury is essential during Modernisme, and it materializes in the interiors of bourgeois dwellings. Together with the architects, the cabinetmakers and interior decorators are the fashionable new professionals that enjoy the commissions of the bourgeoisie, and they are given the task of furnishing and decorating houses, mirroring tastes and the new ways of living.
Outstanding among them are Gaspar Homar and Joan Busquets, by whom the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya conserves a notable collection of projects and furniture.

A selection of these pieces is now being presented in the context of Partage Plus – Digitising and Enabling Art Nouveau for Europeana, a project funded partly by the European Union, which has entailed the prior digitisation of this valuable Modernista collection belonging to the MNAC in order to make it accessible for the public.

See more information about some of the artworks at art.mnac.cat.


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